Purchase Options

Purchase options are per professor / teacher.
Students purchase their own access for $50 per year.

Subscription includes access to select modules, courses, one instructor portal account, and future content updates.

Features & Benefits

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue game-based cybersecurity simulation platform maximizes the value of your courses by increasing student engagement and knowledge retention. Students will gain a broader and more practical understanding of the concepts taught in your cybersecurity courses through effective hands-on application and immediate feedback using interactive gamified simulations. ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue's active adversary simulation™ technology prepares students for real-world cybersecurity.

  • Web browser / cloud delivered access to the Red vs. Blue Gamification Platform (Professional)

  • Access to multiple game-based cybersecurity simulations, curriculums, scenarios, and labs

  • Active community of cybersecurity students and experienced professionals

  • Students pay for their own individual access and are linked to your school's account

  • Manage and track student progress

  • Increase course value and student engagement

  • Reinforces cybersecurity concepts (red team and blue team) taught in courses

  • Prepares students for real-world cybersecurity with hands-on practical application and active adversary simulation™

  • Certificate of completion for each course

  • Professional support via phone, email, and ticket form submission

Best Suited For

  • University / College Professors

  • Middle School / High School Teachers

  • Professional Cybersecurity Training Instructors