Purchase Options

Purchase options are per professor / teacher.
Students purchase their own access for $50 per year.

Subscription includes access to select modules, courses, one instructor portal account, and future content updates.

For PO purchases, or if you have further questions, please submit an RFI. (You may also pre-purchase student licenses.)

Features & Benefits

Bottom line... ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue will make your class the one that all students want to take and help better prepare them for real-world cyber threats. Despite a skills shortage in the cybersecurity industry, simply having a college degree is no longer enough. It’s still a competitive industry and employers are looking for candidates that are well qualified. Students need an educational program that prepares them for real-world cybersecurity and a successful career path. ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue helps your students achieve this by maximizing learning retention with a more engaging and immersive hands-on approach. Students will gain a broader and more practical understanding of the concepts taught in your cybersecurity courses through effective hands-on application and immediate feedback using interactive game-based simulations. Students learn how all the “pieces” fit together cohesively in an overall program or strategy and are better prepared for real-world cybersecurity and a successful career path... and they get to do it while playing cybersecurity video games!

  • Web browser / cloud delivered access to the Red vs. Blue Gamification Platform (Professional)

  • Access to multiple game-based cybersecurity simulations, curriculums, scenarios, and labs

  • Active community of cybersecurity students and experienced professionals

  • Students pay for their own individual access and are linked to your school's account

  • Manage and track student progress

  • Increase course value and student engagement

  • Reinforces cybersecurity concepts (red team and blue team) taught in courses

  • Prepares students for real-world cybersecurity with hands-on practical application and active adversary simulation™

  • Certificate of completion for each course

  • Professional support via phone, email, and ticket form submission

Best Suited For

  • University / College Professors

  • Middle School / High School Teachers

  • Professional Cybersecurity Training Instructors