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Includes 30 days of access, event support, and select modules and courses related to event facilitation.

Features & Benefits

Capture the flag (CTF) competitions are a fun and popular way to encourage participation at events. But traditional cybersecurity CTFs are often very technical and can be difficult or intimidating for many participants. ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue offers a fun and exciting new alternative to traditional CTFs that reaches a broader audience from beginners to advanced. Game play is simple enough for beginners, yet still challenging enough for seasoned cybersecurity professionals. Rather than passively solving challenges for points, players compete against each other in live matches or against a computer opponent, actively attacking and defending systems and networks! Best of all, the "playing field" remains even and competitive for all!

  • Web browser / cloud delivered access to the Red vs. Blue Gamification Platform (Professional)

  • Reach a broader audience and increase participation at tradeshow events

  • Provide a more fun and engaging learning experience for company workshops

  • No technical skills or prior experience required

  • 2 format options: Player vs. player tournament, and player vs. computer leaderboard

  • Player / tournament management system

  • Live facilitation assistance and technical support during your event

Best Suited For

  • Cybersecurity managers and leadership

  • IT staff, cybersecurity staff, and engineers

  • Employees (cybersecurity awareness)