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Features & Benefits

From technical staff to end users, and even leadership, your staff are the "front line" defense against cyber risks to your business. Unfortunately, they are also the weakest link and most exploited attack vector. Managing your human-based risk effectively takes more than just annual cybersecurity awareness training and incident response (IR) exercises. Cybersecurity training needs to be more engaging, more frequent, and more realistic. PowerPoint slides and multiple-choice questions just won't cut it. ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue's game-based learning and active adversary simulation A.I. provides a much more effective way to prepare your entire staff for real-world cyber threats and incidents through practical, hands-on application.

  • Web browser / cloud delivered access to the Red vs. Blue Gamification Platform (Professional)

  • Access to multiple game-based cybersecurity simulations, courses, scenarios, and labs

  • Support from an active community of cybersecurity students and experienced professionals

  • Immersive and interactive IR tabletop exercise scenarios
    (With IR Tabletop add-on.)

  • Cybersecurity awareness training - Mitigate human-based risk more effectively with gamified cybersecurity simulations

  • Cybersecurity leadership training - Cybersecurity program governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)

  • Prepare for real-world cybersecurity with hands-on practical application active adversary simulation™

  • Track staff progress and stats through the analytics dashboard

  • Certificate of completion for each course

  • Professional support via phone, email, and ticket form

Best Suited For

  • Cybersecurity managers and leadership

  • IT staff, cybersecurity staff, and engineers

  • Employees (cybersecurity awareness)