Features & Benefits
Save TIME and MONEY with AI-powered IR tabletops!

"Traditional" tabletops are limited by pre-scripted scenarios and injects, as well as the time and expertise it requires to plan and run them. A single annual tabletop also provides limited value.

ThreatGEN AutoTableTop™ is powered by and automated with AI that is trained on threats and cybersecurity across multiple industries and domains. Setup is practically instantaneous and running exercises is effortless. Scenarios and entire exercises are automatically generated and facilitated (down to every last detail) by the AI according to your specifications. Provide your own injects or let the AI generate them, dynamically, based on the context of the scenario. At the end of each exercise, a final report is generated, providing analysis, recommendations, and actionable tasks. Finally, AutoTableTop's ease of use allows your team to run as many scenarios as often as you like.

  • Unlimited exercises for less than the price of a single "traditional" tabletop

  • AI-powered and automated scenarios and injects

  • Instant setup, easy to use, no experience required

  • Unlimited scenarios and injects (custom or AI generated)

  • Customizable with your own IR plan and network diagrams

  • Instant expert advice and feedback

  • Downloadable exercise report and transcripts

  • Easily identify gaps in your IR plan and track real progress across multiple sessions

  • Exercise certification letter for compliance and CPE credit certificates (on-site facilitation only)

  • Access to professional support and an active community

AutoTableTop™ vs. Other Tabletop Solutions

Pricing options

Access includes unlimited exercises with AutoTableTop™ annually, instructional materials, tutorial videos, scenario templates, and standard support.

Standard support includes email and chat support

On-Site Facilitation, Premium Support, Custom Scenario Design, and On-Site Facilitation can be added for additional fees. Click on "Request for Information (RFI) for more information.

  • $10,000.00 / year

    Small (1-250 Employees)

  • $25,000.00 / year

    Midsize (251 - 1000 Employees)

  • $50,000.00 / year

    Enterprise (1001+ Employees)

Prefer a PO purchase? Have additional requirements or questions? Looking for an agency/consultant licenses? Interested in a trial? Please submit an RFI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is any of my exercise data saved in the cloud?

Absolutely not. All exercise data, settings, and prompts reside only in your local browser cache unless you save it to a location of your choosing.

Can I save my exercises and reports?

Yes. You are able to save all exercise transcripts and reports to a location of your choosing.

Is any of my exercise data used for training AI models?

Absolutely not. All exercise data, settings, and prompts remain completely private, encrypted in transit, never saved on any of our servers, and never used for AI training.

Can I provide AutoTableTop™ a network diagram for use in the scenario settings?

Yes. You can provide it a network diagram, which AutoTableTop™ will extract detailed information from and then use to auto-populate the network environment details in the scenario settings.

Can I provide AutoTableTop™ with my IR Plan?

Yes. You can provide it your own IR plan and AutoTableTop™ will run and evaluate your tabletops according to your actual IR plan. It will even help identify gaps in your IR plan!

Is AutoTableTop™ for technical staff or management?

AutoTableTop™ provides value to a variety of roles across multiple departments. Exercises can be configured to be higher level for management or more technical for engineers and SOC analysts. You can even accommodate both in a single exercise.

Do I need to know "prompt engineering" to get the best results?

No. All you need to do is speak to AutoTableTop™ using natural langauge. AutoTableTop™ does the rest on the backend to analyze your prompt and provide the most accurate answers according to the context of the scenario.

What industries are supported?

Literally any industry that actually exists. OT, IT, FinTech, Healthcare, Education... and the list goes on.

Are languages other than English supported?

Yes. AutoTableTop™ outputs can be translated (automatically or per instance) into a wide range of the most widely spoken languages.

How many seats/logins do I get with my subscription?

As an end-user, your organization is eligible for multiple account logins (depending on your tier level) with unlimited uses for the duration of your subscription length. Small business: 2 logins, Medium: 5 logins, Enterprise: 10 logins. If you require more logins, contact us.